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Soccer has the highest participation of any team sport in the world. Its a game that can be played and enjoyed by all ages and all sizes, and is a great way to keep kids active, while having fun and learning to be a team player. Paxton Youth Soccer organizes fall soccer programs for kindergarten through high-school age children, and spring soccer for pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade. PYS is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and we are always looking for help, so please let us know if you’d like to help, no soccer background.


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You may have noticed we are in the process of creating a brand new soccer field, above the main level at Klingele Field. Pre-2010: an area was cleared of trees and graded, but the funds needed to establish a high-quality field were lacking.

2010: The building of a new sports complex at WPI provided an opportunity for us to make a huge step towards our target. Paxton resident Pierre Farley knew of our need for further loam and was instrumental in arranging for Paxton Youth Soccer to be the recipient of a huge amount of loam & fill from the WPI construction project, which was installed and graded at no charge to the Town. A big “thank-you” to Marois Brothers, Inc. for this work.

Using money from fund-raising efforts (remember all those raffles?) PYS paid for further topsoil preparation, laser-grading, installation of a sprinkler system and hydro-seeding.

2011: Volunteers removed hundreds of rocks from the surface, grass was fertilized and over-seeded. A ditch was built by Paxton DPW to help drainage at the southern edge of the field.

2012: The field was opened for use by the kindergarten Sunday afternoon program. A fence around part of the field was installed in October.

2013: Further fund-raising efforts are planned so that we’ll be able to finish the fence, and do some landscaping to create an attractive path up to the field.

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