How to Register

Read all these instructions before clicking on the REGISTER button!

To register for any PYS program you click on the REGISTER button at the bottom of this page. This will take you to an external website run by SportsManager. All you need to do then is click on the “Registration” button at the upper left side of the main Sportsmanager window as shown in the picture on the right. You don’t need to “log in”.

This will take you to a page that shows all the currently available PYS soccer programs for the upcoming/current season. Click on the age group you want to register your child for ( see picture lower right)

Enter your last name into the box that comes up and it will scan to see if you have registered with PYS before; if so it will use the old information. You can update it if anything has changed.

You then just need to answer all the questions and use your credit card to make the payment.

Family $ cap For the Fall 2013 season there is a family maximum of $190 for on-time registrations ($250 if late). We will send you a check for the difference if your registration comes to more than this amount.

Waivers: playing in MAYS for a different town

The MAYS league is a town-based league. It is designed to promote soccer in all the member towns, and therefore discourages players from playing in other towns UNLESS THE CHILD’S HOME TOWN DOES NOT HAVE SPACE FOR THAT CHILD IN ONE OF THEIR OWN PROGRAMS. If that situation arises, an online waiver is issued by the home town, allowing the player to participate in the MAYS league for a different town. Therefore, PYS will NOT issue a waiver, unless we do not have room in the appropriate age group. This is the only way that we can guarantee the long-term survival of soccer in Paxton.

If you have any questions or difficulties during registration please email the PYS registrar at this address:

registrar (at)



Depending on which browser you are using, the buttons may look slightly different than shown here



If you have registration questions, please email the PYS registrar,  at this address:

registrar (at)

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