Am I eligible to join the PYS Board?
Any adult twenty-one (21) or older residing in Paxton actively interested in furthering the objectives of Paxton Youth Soccer and/or the parent/legal guardian of any child who is a player member shall be eligible to come to the annual meeting and all special meetings of Paxton Youth Soccer, Inc. and wants to be involved in regular Paxton Youth Soccer business (meetings, planning, volunteering, fundraising, etc.). All volunteers and coaches are automatically considered Board Members by virtue of their involvement.

What rights & responsibilities do I have as a PYS Board Member?
Board Members have voting rights in annual meetings, special meetings, and regular Board meetings. Board members are the lifeblood of Paxton Youth Soccer and help sustain the program and the benefits bestowed on Players and the town of Paxton. Attendance at Board Meetings is expected, but they can choose their own level of involvement and do not have any specific responsibilities beyond what they opt to do.

If I volunteer, will I be selected to join the Board?
There is no cap on the number of Board Members. Board Members serve a one-year term; the term is renewable each year providing the Board Member is still eligible and in good standing.

I’m really busy. I’d like to help, but do you even need me?
PYS lives and dies by the support of dedicated volunteers. The more volunteers we have, the easier the lift for everyone, and the more sustainable our youth soccer program will be. General board membership is designed with very few requirements beyond attending our meetings, participating in discussion, and caring about the quality and future of PYS programs and the impact on our players and the Paxton community.

Should I give it a try?

Can I invite a friend to make it more comfortable?
Sure, invite three! Send them this link and have them join the PYS Board with you!

If I’m interested in Board Officer position or a specialized role, how can I find out more information?
Check out the positions listed on the PYS website and, if you are interested in one that is open or may be open in the future, contact the President at