FadySidhomExecutive Vice President
EricaBaxterVice President & Registrar
TiffanySidhomVice President & Risk Manager
AdamBaxterVice President for Soccer Development (Soccer Development Director)
JulieLavoieVice President for Fundraising
RachelStringer-GrimsleyDirector of Parent Engagement
JayGallantU6 Coordinator
AnniePetersonU8 Coordinator
ChuckPutneyU8 Referee Coordinator
MarcAntanavicaField Manager
RichShortenPaxton Recreation Representative
TomCarrollMountain Soccer Club Representative
TimMouraSoccer Development Director
ChuckPutneySoccer Development Director
EricLavoieSoccer Development Director

Paxton Youth Soccer
Board Members (2022-23)

Contact the PYS Board: pysboard@paxtonyouthsoccer.net

Board Officer Roles, Terms, and Elections

PYS Board Officers serve staggered terms to ensure transitions of Board Officers are strategically spaced out over time to ensure continuity and maintain organizational knowledge. While the terms described below are understood to start in November 2022, the elected officials in these roles immediately assumed the rights and responsibilities of their roles at the end of the June 2, 2022 Special meeting.

Current Board Officers’ End of Term/Timing of Elections:

  1. President – Fall 2024* 
  2. Executive Vice President – Fall 2023
  3. Vice President & Registrar – Fall 2025
  4. Vice President & Risk Manager – Fall 2025
  5. Vice President for Soccer Development – Fall 2025
  6. Vice President for Fundraising – Fall 2024
  7. Treasurer – Fall 2024
  8. Secretary – Fall 2023

*Upon the completion of their time as President, these individuals serve in a non-voting “Past President” advisory role to support the new President and transition for a 1-Year transitional period.

As each Board Officer’s term of office expires, the successor for each officer position will be elected for a term of three (3) years. Board Officers can run for reelection without term limits.