10 Reasons Kids Should Try Soccer

1. Teaches patience (waiting for a turn as well as waiting for teammates to move into position can take time)

2. Teaches respect for others (meeting others from different walks of life can provide a better understanding of those different from ourselves)

3. Teaches communication (you must communicate with your coach, other players and the officials to be effective)

4. Teaches healthy competition (good sportsmanship is encouraged while working hard against other teams)

5. Provides exercise (the physical benefits of the game include cardiovascular health and weight control)

6. Teaches teamwork (passing and sharing the ball work much better than going it alone)

7. Develops a well-rounded child (free time is put to good use and abilities can be nurtured and developed)

8. Provides opportunities to build friendships (meeting new people outside of school can open up a new world)

9. Teaches focus and mental strength (learning strategies of the game and paying attention to the coach are important skills)

10. Can help your family bond (by watching the kid’s soccer games, families spend time together